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Recover MTS Video Files Using Simple & Effective Method

“Hello friends, I am here to ask for little help regarding recovery of mts file. Actually, few days back, I was capturing videos from my camcorder and for some reasons I had to rush and saved all the captured videos in hurry. When I checked out for the saved mts video files, I found that nothing was there in the camcorder. I didn't understand that even though I had saved the videos then where did it go. What went wrong that I was unable to find my .mts video files that I had captured from my camcorder. This is why I need help in order to recover mts video file. I need help so please suggest me something. Your suggestions will be appreciated”.

MTS is a video file format which is an AVCHD file format supported on cameras, camcorders computers and other electronic devices. This is a high definition video format used to store video files on the storage devices. But while using MTS video file on devices, loss of file is inevitable that can occur at any moment and any where. The situation becomes irresistible when you encounter such video loss issue and you start looking out for the recovery of lost video files. You anyhow want to recover mts video file that are lost or corrupted.

There are several circumstances under which you can lose all your mts video files and may not find ways to recover them. When such situation appears, you start to panic and becomes frustrated. Undoubtedly, it is really disastrous to lose some important video files from your device either by your mistake or accidentally. In both cases, you tend to lose your video files. So it is always advised to users that they should handle their devices properly and with delicacy. MTS video files can get corrupted and damaged at any point of time since the files are very delicate and easily prone to corruption. So when you try to play a corrupted or damaged .mts video file, you may receive any of the following MTS error messages.

These error messages are :

"Disk is not formatted"

"Windows did not detect a disk"

"Problem with .mts file: incorrect length"

"An error occurred loading .mts file"

"Cannot open MTS video file"

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Those cases where you receive error messages which simply indicates that your mts video files are either lost or inaccessible or corrupted, you are required to recovery mts video file to make them playable again. In such situation, a powerful and reliable recovery software is required that can effectively recover all your damaged or corrupted mts video files safely without any hurdle.

Factors Behind The Loss of MTS Video File

  • Incomplete File Transfer - If any kind of interruption takes place while transferring mts videos from one device to another, can cause severe damage to your MTS video files.
  • Presence of Bad Sector on Storage Media – Due to the presence of bad sectors on the secondary storage device also results in same and leads to file corruption.
  • Accidental Deletion - It is very often that while deleting unnecessary or unwanted files or performing some other operation on your device, you unintentionally end up deleting important MTS video files.
  • Improper Functioning of Device – If there occurs any unexpected error even in your camera or camcorder used to record videos then this also plays an important role in the corruption of your MTS video files.
  • Unsupported Media Player – Your MTS file may also get damaged badly if you try to play your MTS video files with a media player that does not support this file format.
  • Converting Video File Format – Most of the times, either while converting MTS video format to any other format or while editing or playing videos, you encounter an unknown error message which states that you cannot play the file and hence you become unable to play your MTS videos.
  • Human Errors – Human errors like recording videos in low battery or when storage space is full is another reasonable factor that often result in such unfortunate disaster. Here users feel the need to recover MTS video file as soon as possible.

Despite of losing your MTS video files, you can still recover MTS video file no matter who you have lost them or they become damaged. However, before moving to recovery phase and start to recover MTS video file, you should first know how to prevent MTS video files from getting overwritten. This is because once the files got overwritten by new files, it will be nearly impossible to recover MTS video files that are damaged or deleted. In order to perform successful MTS Video Repair, first follow the tips mentioned here. Important tips to avoid overwriting of your video files are :

  • At first, stop using your camera or camcorder until the lost MTS video files are recovered.
  • Do not attempt for manual recovery method as a minor mistake can make the situation even worse than before.
  • You should not connect your memory card to any other device.
  • Do not use any cheap and unknown third party software.
  • Keep the memory card or device from which you have lost your MTS video files at a safe place until the video files are recovered.
  • Try to recover the lost video files soon as possible.

Best Paid Software To Recover MTS Video File

You can try retrieving your photos in two ways either manually or automatically. In automatic method, you can opt for professional third party tool. On the other hand, backup of your data is best and only manual method to recover MTS video file that are damaged or lost. Probably, you may come to know few other options to recover MTS video file but most of these will not work and will prove to be useless. These methods may require high level of technicality. Hence, you are required to use some professional software that can get back all your deleted or damaged mts video files back safely without any hindrance. The list of software are mentioned below. Go through it to understand about their recovery procedure in more better way.

Stellar Phoenix MTS Video Recovery 4.5/5
Remo MTS Video Recovery 3/5
Wondershare MTS Video Recovery 2.5/5

1. Stellar Phoenix MTS Video Recovery

Stellar MTS Video Recovery is a powerful MTS file recovery software which works with all types of storage devices and digital card readers that are detected as an external drive on your computer system when connected. The application ensures safe and easy recovery of MTS video files along with keeping all the original videos intact. This wonderful recovery tool is able to perform complete restoration of MTS video files no matter if the video files have been accidentally deleted, formatted or lost due to any unknown reasons.

Stellar MTS Video Recovery tool is as effective recovery tool which is specifically designed to recover mts video file. It will help users in restoring MTS video files from hard drives and any other storage devices. It does not matter whether the file is permanently deleted, it can successfully recover the deleted MTS video files easily. With its advance features, you need not to spend an more than an hour to get back your files. Most frequently, you delete your precious mts video files just by mistake and start to worry about how to fix it and retrieve it back. In such case, once you have this powerful software, there shall be no more pain. Stellar MTS recovery software is worth to have it.

Prominent Features of Stellar Phoenix MTS Video Recovery

  • Enables you to preview the scanned files before recovery
  • Recovery of formatted and corrupted storage media is possible
  • Easily recovers more than 100+ multimedia file types
  • Enhanced scanning engine for quick scanning
  • Simple user interface to maximize user experience


PROCESSOR   Pentium Class   Intel
RAM   1GB RAM   1 GB Minimum
HARD DISK   100 MB of Free Space   100 MB of Free Space
OS   Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP   macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9,10.8,10.7 & 10.6

2. Remo MTS Video Recovery

Remo MTS Video Recovery software is another proficient utility tool in the list of best recovery softwares. This qualified software can be used to restore deleted, corrupted and damaged MTS video file instantly. This recovery tool is equipped with some amazing recovery features which enables users to get back their deleted, lost, corrupted, formatted MTS videos files. The recovery tool performs a complete scan of your storage device and then bring back all your videos that were missing. The recovery process is quite simple and can be performed in just few clicks.

The video loss situation can happen with anyone anywhere and anytime but you need not to worry anymore if you own this lovely software. This MTS video recovery software supports all those devices that use MTS file format to deliver video files. Hence, if your favorite MTS video file is not playing and has become inaccessible and you are desperate about retrieving them back then you can opt this software without any doubt.

Prominent Features of Remo MTS Video Recovery

  • Easily retrieves deleted, corrupted and lost MTS video files
  • Deeply scans the device to ensure complete recovery of lost video files
  • Facilitates preview of the recovered data in form of thumbnail
  • Supports different types of digital camera and memory card
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows computer as well


PROCESSOR   ----   ----
RAM   1GB   1 GB
HARD DISK   70 MB   50 MB
OS   Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 or 8   Mac OS X 10.5.x and above

3. Wondershare MTS Video Recovery

Deletion or corruption of MTS video files from any digital device can take place any time or any which is the most common issue that users generally face. In such cases, where you have lost your important MTS video files and have no idea how to recover MTS video file then better option is to use Wondershare MTS Video Recovery software. Rather than looking for useless softwares, you better opt Wondershare recovery software. It does not matter what is the reason behind your video loss, this recovery tool will deal with it and recover them for you without any complexity. Wondershare Recovery software will help you to recover damaged, corrupted or deleted MTS files in very simple way.

Undoubtedly, this recovery program makes recovery much easier and more efficient. All you need to do is just to specify the program for scanning the file types which you want to recover. Scanning algorithm will locate the lost files and allows you to do quick recovery. The recovery procedure can be conducted on both Windows as well as Mac system. So if you are searching for an effective software then you need not to search anymore, Wondershare Recovery software is there.

Prominent Features Of Wondershare MTS Video Recovery

  • Effectively recovers MTS video files and other type of multimedia files as well
  • Allows you to save scanning report and resume the recovery operation later in future
  • Supports recovery of different types of devices and any kind of video loss scenario
  • Precise, flexible and not time-consuming recovery tool
  • Enables you to preview the scanned files before recovery
  • Easy to handle and simple user interface


PROCESSOR   Pentium   1GHz Or above (32 bit or 64 bit)
RAM   1GB   256 MB or more of RAM (1024MB Recommended)
HARD DISK   150 MB of Free Space   256 MB or more of RAM
OS   Windows XP and above   Mac OS X 10.5.x and above

Free Edition : Recuva MTS Video Recovery

Video loss is a common problem that can take place with any one and anytime. So if you too find yourself in similar situation then it is high time to use Recuva MTS Video Recovery to recover MTS video file lost from either of the digital devices. This is a powerful video recovery tool used for fixing video related issues. No matter what type of video file format you have and it has become corrupted or damaged due to any possible reason, with this lovely software you can recover them back. Undoubtedly, this recovery software has special and unique features along with the ability to provide accurate and quick recovery results.

Recuva runs any Windows operating system. Regardless of circumstances under which you have damaged or corrupted MTS files, recuva will fix them for you efficiently. Thus, if you are in search for a perfect recovery tool, go for Recuva. /p>

Prominent Features of Recuva MTS Video Recovery

  • Able to perform recovery of multiple video files at the same time
  • Able to recover any kind of file formats
  • Recover photos, videos, audios and other files also
  • Complete package for video repair
  • Enhanced and advanced scanning algorithm


PROCESSOR   Intel Pentium 4 or higher
RAM   Minimum 256MB
HARD DISK   Minimum 150MB
OS   Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7/8/8.1/10

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The Final Words …

After going through the above post, you have now been very clear about what is MTS file and how they can become corrupted. Also, it has been mentioned how to recover MTS video file that are corrupted or damaged. As you have read, recovery is possible with the help of above listed software. The software mentioned are extremely powerful and sophisticated that ensures easy and quick recovery of lost MTS video files. But, here one specific software tops the list and that is none other than Stellar Phoenix MTS Video Recovery. This wonderful software is indulged with advance technology and improved scanning algorithm which finds out every single damaged file from every corner of the device or system. The recovery tool due to its excellent capability, professionals and experts also recommend it use hassle-free.

Stellar Phoenix MTS Video Recovery : User Guide

Mac User Guide

For Mac

Step 1 : Launch the application and then click on Recover Photo, Audio & Video.

Step 2 : Now, choose the drive or external media as per your need from the list of attached drives. Then click on Scan Now button to start scanning.

Step 3 : At this stage, Stellar is searching for the all the lost multimedia files.

Step 4 : Finally, click on Recover button to recover the lost MTS files.

Windows User Guide

For Win

Step 1 : Open the software and on its main interface, click on Recover Photo, Audio & Video.

Step 2 : In this window, select required drive for the recovery from the given list.

Step 3 : You can also select the desired file format from Advanced settings then click on Scan Now.

Step 4 : Here, software is looking out for lost files from the selected drive.

Step 5 : Now, the files after scanning are listed that are found in the selected media.

Step 6 : Click on Recover button.